Venice 2013

Venice was a lovely city, that is often described as the most beautiful city in Italy. However, I’m not really sure that I agree with that statement. On the surface, Venice is beautiful with lots of old buildings, pretty canals and picturesque bridges. But it is incredibly crowded, mostly with tourists, and on a closer level a lot of the city is in disrepair. Peeling paint, graffiti and mountains of tourist tatt are very noticeable throughout most of Venice. Coupled with abundant pickpockets, traffic-jammed gondolas and pushy restaurant owners, all of those things add up to one massive tourist trap. There may be a “genuine” Venice underneath this, and I know that many people love the city, but I think a “typical” tourist visit would be pretty much like mine.

Photos were shot with either the Fuji X100 or the Nikon D800 with either Nikon 16-35/VR or 85/1.8D. The X100 is still such a great little camera, perfect for this type of shooting. It’s small, light and discreet. My girlfriend and I were even fighting over who got to use the X100 and who had to carry the D800!

I really enjoyed using 85mm as a walk around lens. It’s definitely more challenging than something normal like 35mm where you can just aim and point, but 85mm allows you to get stronger photos. It isolates subjects very well and the compression of backgrounds show more context than a wide angle shot.

Anyway, I’ve picked the most classically attractive parts of Venice to show here.

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