Morocco 2001

Here are some shots from my trip to Morocco in 2001. These were shot on film (Fuji) and scanned into digital format. Unfortunately I have forgotten (and not written down!) the locations of some of these photos. So please feel free to let me know if you recognise any places which I don’t!


Unknown… somewhere in Morocco!


Leather Tanning in Fez, Morocco

Leather tanning in Fez, Morocco. While this picture looks very attractive, I remember that the smell definitely wasn’t nice. I was even more shocked when I started researching for this post and found out what goes into the tanning solution! Apparently one of the ingredients in the tanning solution is pigeon dropping and urine, which contain ammonia to break down the fibres and soften the leather hides. I would try not to think about that the next time you reach for your wallet or some nice shoes though.

Casablanca, Morocco

Mosque Hassan II in Casablanca, Morocco. This is an enormous mosque which can house 110,000 worshippers (i.e. much larger than most sports stadiums) and is built on its own artificial island looking into the Atlantic Ocean. It is also the only mosque in Morocco which can be visited by non-Muslims, making it popular with tourists. The mosque construction was finished in 1993 and it is fully equipped with modern amenities such as heated floors and an electronic sliding roof. A spotlight on top of the minaret (the worlds tallest) shines towards Mecca at all times. I remember the inside being very beautiful, with carved marble, but unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from inside.


Marrakech Souk, Morocco

Marrakech Souk, Morocco. This souk (market) is one of the busiest squares in the world, filled with restaurants and a huge variety of exciting entertainers juggling, breathing fire and charming snakes.

Unknown location, Morocco


If anybody can identify the places that I cant, please let me know in the comments box below! Thanks! 😀

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Adam Allegro - April 20, 2012 - 9:35 am

You have some absolutely fantastic work here my friend! I will be returning often. Found your site via the post thread on DPreview. Well done here!

admin - April 20, 2012 - 1:47 pm

Thanks Adam. Had a look at your blog and it looks great too!

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