Lake District 2011

We went to the Lake District (UK) near Lake Windemere for weekend break. Here are a few pictures from the trip, along with information about some things to see and do in the area!

1. We arrived late evening, just in time to set up the tents before dark. The camp site had outside power supply hookup points, so we could run a light, charge our phones and even run an electric heater inside the tent! We definitely needed that because it was very cold outside, especially when all you have is a sleeping bag!

Tents in a campsite near lake windemere the lake district


2. Waking up the next morning, the weather is beautiful and the moon is still in sky! The weather in the Lake District is often freezing cold and raining, but we were lucky today!

Early morning in campsite lake windemere with tents in the lake district


3. Time for breakfast which we cooked on a fire pit, adapted into a  BBQ. And there’s no better way to start the day than nicely burned bacon and sausage sandwiches.

Making breakfast at the campsite of bacon and sausages in the lake district


4. The weather is beautiful today

Near to lake windemere in the lake district


5. We took a long bike ride around Lake Windemere to this clearing where we stopped to have lunch.

Beautiful open picnic area near lake windemere in the lake district


6. Then we returned to Windemere itself and fed the geese, ducks and swans.

Feeding the geese, swans and ducks near lake windemere


7. Sunset on Lake Windemere

Sunset over lake windemere in the lake district


8. We took a long drive down pitch black country roads to get to Honister slate mine. This mine has an amazing history and our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable. Their website is and I would thoroughly reccommend anybody taking a tour there. The mine is incredibly creepy – it is TOTAL darkness inside, but the rocks themselves make their own noises. Being underground is one of the few ways for people to actually experience total darkness, and it has very strange effects on your body. Your eyes are constantly active, looking for anything to focus on, but finding nothing. Your ears become hyper-alert and my heart rate definitely increased. Our guide told us stories about people who have been trapped or lost inside the mine and how they can actually go crazy from the sensory deprivation. The engraving in the rock below says “welcome to Hell”…

Honister slate mine tour


9. Descending down into the depths of the mine

Walking down into honister slate mine


10. Back to the campsite. We ran out of charcoals so we decided to try and cook steaks over burning wood instead. The dripping fat and smoking wood made a LOT of sparks and smoke.

Cooking steaks on a wood fire with lots of sparks


11. The results were brilliant though. Beautifully charred steak with a crispy outside, but still pink and tender inside.

Ribeye steak cooked on a wood fire


12. Late at night. Time to sit outside the tents with a few beers in front of the fire!

Long exposure of tents in the campsite near lake windemere


13. And this is the view we had. Absolutely beautiful!

Lots of stars in the sky near lake windemere

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