About Fresco Globe

About Fresco Globe

Hi everybody, thanks for looking at my site!

Travel Photos and Stories

Fresco Globe is simple. On this site, I will post photos and commentary from places I have visited. I want to share the great photos and interesting stories from the places that I have been fortunate enough to visit. I’m probably not the best writer in the world, but I hope that my pictures can help to tell the stories. And I hope that my travel pictures and stories can be useful for other tourists and other photographers when you visit any of the places mentioned in my blog.


Travel Photography and Reviews

I am a bit of a photography geek, so as well as posting travel pictures, I will also be occasionally talking about how I took them. I will have pages dedicated to travel photography advice, occasional gear reviews with sample pictures and other photography-related articles.


Reader Interaction

It’s great whenever I get any comments, suggestions, corrections or anything else from my readers. If you see something wrong in my post, tell me! If I’ve accidentally said something untrue and terrible about your home city, tell me! If my advice ever becomes out of date, help me keep it correct. And most of all, if you like what you see and you think that others would like it too, please consider sharing the articles on Facebook, Twitter or your favourite forums. Thank you to everybody who does 🙂


Bi-lingual writing

I will sometimes have travel posts written in Chinese, as well as English. These are kindly translated by my girlfriend, who also contributes photos to this site!

Posts written in Chinese are tagged with 雙語版


Useful Links

The blog – keep up to date with new travel photos, new articles, gear reviews and everything else

Travel Photos – to see photos and read stories from my holidays abroad and around the UK

The photo gear I use – to see which photo gear I own and use when traveling

Photography– to see gear reviews (will be expanded)

RSS Feed – to subscribe with your favourite RSS reader


Thanks for looking,


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